Venavine Intensive Cream

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For healthy, good looking legs

Do you suffer from poor circulation, or tired, heavy, swollen and painful legs? 

Leg discomfort, spider veins and varicose veins often indicate venous insufficiency (the formation of enlarged visible veins, which lose elasticity, resulting in poor circulation and the pooling of blood in the lower legs).

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Product Description

Relief at last ….. New Venavine Intensive Leg Vein Health Cream contains Red Vine Leaf Extract, Butcher's Broom & Horse Chesnut which has been shown to improve circulation, strengthen vein walls, diminish Spider Veins and Varicose Veins, reduce pain and swelling whilst cooling and refreshing tired heavy legs. This special salon-tested product is ph neutral and free of artificial colourants and fragrances. Use it in the evening after a long strenuous day, or whenever you feel the need for a ‘lift’. 

The Cream has been formulated to compliment the action of Venavine Plus Leg Health Capsules, but can be used on its own to provide instant relief.