Silicea Capsules

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For hair, skin and nails and bones!
  • 100% natural Silica to help with hair, skin, nails and bones
  • Convenient one a day formula
  • Natural, safe and effective

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Product Description

Hubner Silicea is a high strength formula with biotin and trace elements to support hair, skin, nails and bones. After the age of 20 the body loses its ability to store silica and it has to be supplemented through diet, this is why Hubner Silicea capsules are the perfect answer to easily support your hair, skin, nails and bones.

"I was suffering from a hair loss after the winter and my hairdresser suggested trying Silicea. After taking Silicea for several months, I could already tell the difference. The hair started growing back and regained thickness. And my nails got so much stronger and don't break so easily." 

Sarah Thomas